People redmonky knows


Jeremy Bushnell, one of the most innovative, cool, smartest people i know is developing an organization .... creating games and reviewing zines, and just generally being smart... follow this site as it grows! (

Curtis Ferree is developing his site BiblioVoodoo... (woowooo)

Jesse Ewing, artist, graphic designer extraordinaire, and just all around great person is associated with many sites, including:


Kat Mclellan is rocking at University of Houston, Downtown, Department of English. (who'd've thought two of us would end up in Texas????)

Gary's Page--Gary could stand to update this page....

Kevin Kehrwald is a great guy and he is a co-editor of Delicious Imaginations; Conversations with Contemporary Writers (Sara Griffiths, Kevin Kehrwald) (link to order it directly from



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updated (sort of) July 9, 2007