English 102: Writing as Social Witness

Spring 1998
Instructor: Danika Brown, http://www.u.arizona.edu/~danika

Section 53 11:00AM-11:50AM MWF M LNG 201
Section 38 10:00AM-10:50AM MWF HARV 134


May 1: the final exam is scheduled for May 8, 8am in PAS 220. Read the Hamill essay, "The Necessity to Speak" and pick up the study questions at the bookstore. Sam Hamill spoke today (May 1) from 1-2:30.  

April 20: Your Preliminary Drafts are posted to Caucus.  Each item is under the writer's name. Please respond directly on Caucus to at least one draft. I recommend you read through them all to generate some ideas.  I will respond to the preliminary drafts on Caucus once others have responded.

Essay #3 assignment sheet is up and ready for you to tackle! Last big essay, woo hoo.

Virtual Class on Friday, April 10! We will not be meeting in class on Friday. You need to post to the listserv a developed response to the Manifesto, including questions for discussion, parts of the text which were unclear, things you thought really made sense. Be thinking about how "ideology" comes into play as you read. If you do not post, you will be counted absent.

I have put the summaries for the 1st, 6th, and 8th up (I have not received all the summaries....)

Unit 3 schedule is available on-line now!

All of the drafts for essay 2 that I received in electronic form have been posted to the Lesson Before Dying website (http://www.coh.arizona.edu/inst/engl102gaines/drafts.html). Please comment on your peers' drafts by emailing them directly ("CC:" a copy of the comments to me).

And, don't forget to get a copy of The Communist Manifesto (either from Antigone Books, a used store, or on-line at the Marx/Engels text archive)

Instructor contact information:
Office: Babcock 3204
Instructor Office Hours: Monday 12:00pm - 1:30pm and Wednesday 1:30 - 3:00pm and by appointment

Mailbox: English Department Modern Languages 445
Phone: 626-8084
English Department Phone (messages 8am-5pm): 521-1836
E-mail: danika@u.arizona.edu
Class web page: http://www.u.arizona.edu/~danika/courses/98spr102.html


Welcome to the homepage for Danika Brown's English 102 course Spring 1998 at the University of Arizona. If you are in the course, please bookmark this page and use it often.  This site will serve as your lifeline for the duration of the course.

Use this webpage to connect to the course policies, assignments, announcements, your essays, writing resources, community organization resources, and internet resources. You will also be able to link to the webpage for A Lesson Before Dying, the novel we will be reading this semester.  That webpage will include links to other sections that are reading the novel, as well as to more specific resource links.

Please use the navigational tool at the bottom of every page to navigate around the site.  If you want to suggest any changes or point out any of the many flaws you find here, please e-mail me anytime.  In the meantime, proceed, enjoy, explore, learn, and most importantly teach!


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