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8 August, 2007



Transcripts for our online meetings will be available from the Transcripts Page.

Please review the revised schedule for August 9-16th.

SR 4 will be due 8/15.

ALL revisions and assignments (except the final) MUST be in by the 15th. I will accept no other work after that date.


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Thursday, July 12

Introduction to course-- review syllabus, course goals, course pages, assignments, my expectations. Your questions and concerns.

In class activity: Journal 1

Read the introduction and guidelines for using Tapped In on the course pages. Be sure to read the "Help" information on Tapped In's site.
Read Tapped In's code of professional conduct.

Read the extended guidelines for Tapped In's use in this course.
Become a member of Tapped In and log in.
Go to my office (danikab's office).

Follow the directions on the 4325 guidelines to join the class group.

Sign the whiteboard in the classroom to let me know you were there. (If you are unsure how to do that, be sure to use the "help" feature on tapped in.)


Friday, July 13

Discussion of Tapped In experience. Discussion of professional development activity.

Reading Assignment, NCTE's Belief's about the Teaching of Writing. Be prepared to discuss in class.

Journal 2.

Monday, July 16

Discuss the definition of Pedagogy as, briefly, "the theory and practice of teaching and learning based on context and goals." In class, discussion of the ways we are able to teach, what we are able to teach, and our specific teaching practices are determined by contexts that include:


Reading and writing the "Summary Response Essay"

In class, discussion of what formal qualities help us identify an essay, including

In the next week or so, I will provide some models and further suggestions for revising your essays. Please plan to have a draft of your first reading response for workshopping in class this week.


Tuesday, July 17

Fleischer, Cathy. “Entering the Conversation.” Teachers Organizing for Change: Making Literacy Learning Everybody’s Business. NCTE, 2000. 1-19.

Wednesday, July 18

Reading: (was scheduled for the 16th)
Comber, Barbara. “Pedagogy as Work: Educating the Next Generation of Literacy Teachers.” Pedagogies: An International Journal 1.1: 59-67.

Questions: Pedagogy as Work
1. How does the author establish her credibility in the article?
2. Who is the audience for this article?
3. What is the "problem"?
4. Define each of the five types of "work" that define pedagogy in this article.
5. How does this article relate to the other readings and class discussions?

Journal 3

Thursday, July 19

Class meets online (at our regularly scheduled time) in Brown4325Classroom on Tapped In.

Welcome to our first totally online meeting!
You should have reviewed the guidelines for online meetings on your coursepage (http://www.redmonky.net/prof/courses/TI4325.html) for today. And, you should have read the "Preparing Tomorrows..." article (the link is below). We will be reviewing that article and doing online activities. I have logged on from home, so if you have any problems, you can email me and we'll figure something out!


Pope, Carol A. and Jeffrey Golub. “Preparing Tomorrow’s English Language Arts Teachers Today: Principles and Practices for Infusing Technology.” Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 1.1 (2000) Online Access 10 Apr 2007 <http://www.citejournal.org/vol1/iss1/currentissues/english/article1.htm>.

Read the transcripts:

Section 01 (9:25a)

Section 02 (11:05a)

Friday, July 20

You are required to have a Summary-Response paper for this week in class on this day. You may choose any one (or more) of the readings we covered this week about which to write. If you do not bring a summary-response to class this day, you will get a 0 (zero) for this assignment. In class, we will workshop drafts together. The final draft will be due in class on Tuesday, July 24.

Monday, July 23

Class meets online (at our regularly scheduled time) in Brown4325Classroom on Tapped In. Four presentations of online teaching resources are scheduled. Please watch your emails and messages for any "homework" assigned by the presenters to prepare for this class.

Tuesday, July 24

We will be turning our attention to "Composition Pedagogies" for this week. The readings for the week are:

Gere, Anne Ruggles. "Teaching Writing: The Major Theories." The Allen and Bacon Sourcebook for College Writing Teachers. 2nd Edition. James C. McDonald, Ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2000. 10-25.

Berlin, James. “Rhetoric and Ideology in the Writing Class.” College English 50 (1988): 477-494.

Meija, Jaime. “Bridging Rhetorical Studies with Chicano and Chicana Studies.” Kells, Michelle Hall, Balester, Valerie & Villanueva, Victor. Eds. Latino/a Discourses: On Language, Identity & Literacy Education. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 2004.

Wednesday, July 25

Continue reading the articles listed above.

Thursday, July 26

We will meet online today for more teaching resource presentations.

Friday, July 27

Continue with the three readings for the week. Bring a draft of the second summary response to workshop in class.

Monday, July 30

Second Summary-Response essay draft due. The Draft is REQUIRED IN CLASS. Please choose from the Berlin, Gere, or Meija article. We will discuss readings and workshop responses in class.

Tuesday, July 31

Meet online in TI for scheduled presentations. 
Final drafts of summary-response papers (SR2) due. May be uploaded as a file into your class folder on Tapped In, or brought to my office in person. Please no emailed assignments.

Wednesday, August 1


Muriel Harris; Tony Silva. “Tutoring ESL Students: Issues and Options.” College Composition and Communication, 44.4. (Dec., 1993), pp. 525-537.

Journal 4

Thursday, August 2

Please bring your completed assignment from your tutor-partner and a piece of your own writing that you would like to work with in class.


Dartmouth Writing Program: Materials for Tutors 10 Apr. 2007 <http://www.dartmouth.edu/~writing/materials/tutor/toc.shtml>.

Friday, August 3

Meet online for more teaching resource presentations.

Be sure to access the reading for Monday. You will need to use the library's online catalog. (Specifically, you can find the journal access through the JSTOR database.) I am not providing the text for you this time.

Monday, August 6

You should have read:

Elbow, Peter. "Ranking, Evaluating, and Liking: Sorting out Three Forms of Judgment." College English
55. 2 (Feb., 1993), 187-206.

(Access available through JSTOR)

Tuesday, August 7

We will meet online for presentations.

The third summary-response (SR3) is due today (either dropped off in my office or posted on Tapped In).

Wednesday, August 8

You should have read:

Dewey, John. “Chapter 11: Experience and Thinking.” Democracy and Education. MacMillan Company, 1916. Columbia University Digital Text Project. 10 Apr 2007 <http://www.ilt.columbia.edu/publications/Projects/digitexts/dewey/d_e/chapter11.html>.


Thursday, August 9

We will meet online for presentations today and tomorrow (everyone should have presented by Friday).

The other two readings you need to have read by Monday, Aug 13 are:

Brown, Danika M. Pulling it Together: A Method for developing Service-Learning and Community Partnerships Based in Critical Pedagogy. Washington, DC: Corporation for National and Community Service, 2002.
(Please read the abstract, executive summary, and introduction: pp. i-23)

Winter, Dave and Sarah Robbins, eds. Writing Our Communities: Local Learning and Public Cultures. Urbana, IL: NCTE, 2005.
(Please read the selections included in the pdf).

Friday, August 10

Online for presentations

Monday, August 13

We meet in class today to discuss the Dewey, Brown, and Winter readings. We will also discuss the final assignment. You will workshop with your partners (SR4, revisions, etc.)

Tuesday, August 14

We will meet in class to continue with Monday's discussions.

Wednesday, August 15

SR4 is due

Any revisions you wish to turn in are due.

The professional development activity (or any extra credit activities) are due.

There will be NO exceptions. The only work I will accept after today is the final.

Thursday, August 16

Meet to workshop final.

Final due by 5pm.


---Previous Announcements:

Welcome 4325 Students! It's summer, it's hot, and we will be working hard! Please check this page frequently (daily!) for information that you need. We'll be doing a lot of our work through technology (including using Tapped In to meet at least once a week). All readings will be available on this site (or I will give you directions on accessing readings through the library databases). I am looking forward to a great summer semester! Feel free to email me anytime with questions and concerns.

july 16th: Congratulations on getting through the first couple classes! All of you should be registered in Tapped In and members of the class group by now. We will meet Monday as usual. I will let you know what happens with jury duty by posting an announcement here on Monday evening. Be sure to check in to find out the scoop for Tuesday (July 17). I have posted the next three readings for the week. We'll see how that goes, so keep checking on where we are in the reading schedule.


july 17: Danika did NOT get selected for a jury, so we WILL meet regularly on Tuesday, July 17th. Please be prepared to discuss the reading, "Entering the Conversation." We will return to the "Pedagogy as Work" article on Wednesday. We will also discuss scheduling our first online meeting. See you in class!

July 18: We will meet in class Wednesday, July 18 to discuss the Comber reading.

Thursday, our class will meet online in TappedIn and will be discussing the Pope reading.

You must bring your Summary-Response for this week (at least in draft form) to class on Friday, July 20 (if you don't, you will not receive any credit). We will workshop those drafts to be turned in as final assignments on Tuesday, July 24.

Monday, July 23, we will meet online and our first four teaching resource presentations will be given.


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