Writing Class into the Writing Classroom

On-Line Resources

a random list of on-line sites and publications relevant to instructors and students dealing with class in the writing classroom.

Marx and Engels WWW Library. Includes on-line texts of the major works.

WORKPLACE: a Journal for Academic Labor

Palinurus: The Academy and the Corporation

Rat Haus' "Ending Corporate Governance"

Teaching Social Issues of Technology: Challenges, Ideas, and Resources by Tom Jewett and Rob Kling
 ZNET: A Community of People Concerned about Social Change (with links to ZMagazine)
 The American Prospect's Series on Educational Reform and the New Media

The Communist Manifesto (complete text on-line)

Tekhnema: Journal of Philosophy and Technology. "Tekhnema presents a forum in which relations between philosophy and technology can be discussed, made more complex, and experimented upon."

Social Analysis: A Journal of Cultural and Social Practice. "SOCIAL ANALYSIS aims to publish articles of a combined theoretical and substantive nature which will address critical issues and problems in the social sciences and its related disciplines, in particular Cultural Studies."

Other Voices: A Journal of Critical Thought. "Other Voices, an interdisciplinary journal of cultural criticism, is published by an editorial collective at the University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences."

Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life. A publication of the Bad Subjects Collective.

C-Theory. CTHEORY is an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape. Edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.

Red Pepper. Journal of the green radical left,  and a comprehensive list of left-wing and radical web sites in the UK, and selected international sites.

Philosophy and Civil Society: Inventing the Postmodern Civil Society.  "This site is devoted to the philosophical examination of the nature of civil society and civic culture in general. More specifically, it addresses the contemporary crisis of liberal democratic civic culture in the postmodern period. The thesis developed here was first presented in my book, The Culture of Citizenship: Inventing Postmodern Civic Culture (SUNY Press, 1994)."

 Red Feather Dictionary of Critical Social Science.  "A Teaching Dictionary of Key Words for  Progressive, Radical, Critical, Marxist, Feminist, Left-Liberal as well as Postmodern Scholars and Students in Sociology, Philosophy, Economics, History, Social Psychology, Political Science and Anthropology as well as Religion and Theology."

Rethinking Schools. (An on-line journal and site for K-12, but relevant issues). "Throughout its history, Rethinking Schools has tried to balance classroom practice and educational theory. It is an activist publication, with articles   written by and for teachers, parents, and students. Yet it also addresses key policy issues, such as vouchers and marketplace-oriented reforms, funding equity, and school-to-work.

"Politics and Prose", from the Atlantic Monthly's Atlantic Unbound Site. This reviews a contemporary novel in terms of its embrace of consumer culture.

International Socialist Organization.  Includes links to "Bookmarks" with catalogues for socialist books (including literary texts).

These listings are fairly random and not currently organized in any fashion. This page will be updated (and organized, but we all know how difficult a task organizing is!) regularly. Please send any and all suggestions for inclusion here to danika@u.arizona.edu.