English 3326

Writing and Culture

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Writing and Culture

Catalog Description: English 3326 provides students the opportunity to analyze and explore the complex ways in which culture shapes and is shaped by writing and other forms of textual representation.

This course will give students the opportunity to explore and critically analyze the ways in which language and situated discourses can be understood as functioning to establish, reproduce, and construct notions of culture as well as how community membership influences communication practices. Utilizing the theoretical frameworks established by the critical texts for the course, students will analyze various sites of culture--including professional, corporate, chosen, popular, and resistant cultures—in order to explore the complexity and implications of language, its influence on our values and behaviors, and the possibilities of using language to pose alternatives to problematic social structures.

Student Learning Outcomes for English (SLO’s)
SLO 1—Students will be able to interpret and analyze a text using different approaches from literary, rhetorical and/or linguistic theories.
SLO 2— Students in certification tracks will demonstrate knowledge and skills in the areas of writing, literature, reading, oral communication, media literacy, and English language arts pedagogy.
SLO 3—Recent graduates who majored in English will demonstrate satisfaction with the programs in the English Department.
SLO 4—Students will be able to use discipline-appropriate technology applications (such as library databases, computer applications, Internet research, non-print media, multi-media applications, desktop publishing, etc.) in preparation and presentation of course projects.

English 3326 Course Objectives:
Course Description: The topic of this course is rhetorical analysis of discourse functioning in relationship to social power. This course is designed to:



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