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English 4325

Fall 2007 (section 04)

Instructor: Dr. Danika Brown
Email – danika@utpa.edu
Phone – 381-3447 (office); 381-3421 (department/message)
Instructor’s Office: CAS 263
Office Hours:
Tues/Thurs 1-4pm.
And by appointment.
Online Office: www.tappedin.org danikab’s office (by appt and during regular office hrs.)

Class Meets:

Thursdays, 4:30-7pm
COAS 259


Catalog Description

English 4325 is a study of advanced composition techniques, including theories and methods of teaching composition skills.

Course Overview and Goals

Course Description: The focus of this particular course is the study of the teaching of composition and literacy. The goal of the course is for you to be more aware of the history, context, and theories that have informed the formalization of teaching in this field. Some important goals of this course are for you to come to some working definitions of key concepts, including rhetoric and pedagogy, to study a specific pedagogical practice in depth, and to articulate your own pedagogical position.

We will approach some of the content for the course in groups. It is a writing-intensive course, so be prepared to do a good bit of reading and writing throughout the semester. You will be writing summaries of all of the readings, posting discussion responses, and writing a synthesis essay with an annotated bibliography. In class, we will have writing workshops with your groups.

You will be involved in a semester-long community-based activity where you will be utilizing the concepts and applications we learn in class to assist someone outside of class with writing instruction.

Finally, you will also be expected to participate in online course meetings, give a brief online presentation, and to participate in an online professional development activity. I will expect you to become comfortable with utilizing an online environment to support teaching and professional development and to reflect on the impact of new technologies on the teaching of writing.



General Course Policies


Required Texts:
Required texts for everyone in the class will be provided through the library, online, or in class. I do not have a textbook, but you will be responsible for accessing and maintaining your copies of course readings.


Calendar and Readings

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