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August 15, 16

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July 19-23
Readings for Unit 1: General Pedagogy

Remember, to get a link to the fulltext availability of these articles, go to the citeulike library:

National Council of Teachers of English. "NCTE's Beliefs About the Teaching of Writing." NCTE publications. Nov 2004.

Materials for Writing Tutors, Dartmouth Writing Center.

Comber, Barbara. "Pedagogy as Work: Educating the Next Generation of Literacy Teachers." Pedagogies: An International Journal, 1.1. (2006), pp. 59-67. [you'll need the class password; posted on Tapped in]

Berlin, James. "Contemporary Composition: The Major Pedagogical Theories."
College English
, 44.8. (1982), pp. 765-777.
Stable URL:

Zamel, Vivian. "Recent Research on Writing Pedagogy." TESOL Quarterly 21. 4 (Dec., 1987), pp. 697-715.
* Stable URL:

July 26-30
Readings for Unit 2

"CCCC Position Statement on Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Writing in Digital Environments.”.

Richards, Geraldine A. “Why Use Computer Technology? .” The English Journal 90 (2000): 38–41.
Stable URL:

Alvermann, Donna E. "Why Bother Theorizing Adolescents' Online Literacies for Classroom Practice and Research?"Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 52.1 (Sep., 2008), pp. 8-19
# Stable URL:

Hughes, Joan. “Technology learning principles for preservice and in-service teacher education.” Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 4 (2004).

Myers, J. & Beach, R. (2004). Constructing critical literacy practices through technology tools and inquiry. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education [Online serial], 4(3). Available:

Gainer, Jesse S. "Critical Media Literacy in Middle School: Exploring the Politics of Representation." Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 53.5 (Feb., 2010), pp. 364-373.
# Stable URL:

Simsek, Ozgur. "The Effect of Weblog Integrated Writing Instruction on Primary School Student Writing Performance."

And, a podcast: Blogging in College Writing Instruction (listen to the podcast by clicking on the link)

**Supplemental (apply to tutoring and reflection)

Harris, Muriel and Tony Silva. "Tutoring ESL Students: Issues and Options." College Composition and Communication 44 (1993): 525-537.


August 2-6
Readings for Unit 3
[Service Learning]

Linda A. Kassner. "Digging a Groundwork for Writing: Underprepared Students and Community Service Courses." College Composition and Communication, 46.4. (1995), pp. 552-555.

Aaron Schutz and Anne R. Gere. "Service Learning and English Studies: Rethinking 'Public' Service".
College English, 60. 2. (1998), pp. 129-149.

Steve Parks & Eli Goldblatt. "Writing beyond the Curriculum: Fostering New Collaborations in Literacy". College English, 62. 5. (2000), pp. 584-606.

Bruce Herzberg. "Community Service and Critical Teaching". College Composition and Communication, 45. 3. (1994), pp. 307-319.

Robert Putnam. "Bowling Alone." Journal of Democracy, Vol. 6, No. 1.

David E. Campbell. "Social Capital and Service Learning." PS: Political Science and Politics, 33. 3. (2000), pp. 641-645.

Brown, Danika M. "Part I: Theoretical Framework." Pulling it Together. 2003. 10-23[requires password posted in tapped in]

**Supplemental (apply to tutoring reflection)

Sommers, Nancy. "Responding to Student Writing." College Composition and Communication 33 (1982): 148-156.


August 9-13
Readings for Unit 4
[critical pedagogy]

Kanpol, Barry. "Critical Pedagogy For Beginning Teachers: the Movement From Despair To Hope." Online at Professor Zyngier's site.

"Paulo Freire." (read all of the sections) Rage and Hope. Online. 2004.

Keesing-Styles, Linda. "The Relationship between Critical Pedagogy and Assessment in Teacher Education" Radical Pedagogy 5.1 (Spring 2003)

Ohmann, Richard. "Introduction: Teaching in Bad Times." Radical Teacher 87


**Supplemental (apply to tutoring reflection)

Zamel, Vivian. "Responding to Student Writing." TESOL Quarterly 19 (1985): 79-101.

August 16-19
Readings for Final Assignment
[assignment design]

Ousley, Denise M. "Exploring Nonfiction through Depression-Era Letter Writing." The English Journal 91 (2002): 54-58.

Jolley, Susan A. "The Use of Slave Narratives in a High School English Class." The English Journal 91 (2002): 33-38.

Crank, Virginia. "” The Disney Dialogue Dilemma: Making Cultural Analysis Matter in Composition”." Academic Exchange Quarterly 9 (2005).

Jenseth, Richard. "Understanding Hiroshima: An Assignment Sequence for Freshman English." College Composition and Communication 40 (1989): 215-219.



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