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aren't all papers always in progress???? here's a few of mine in "progress" as well as some previous conference presentations.

all feedback, suggestions, critique, praise, and complaints welcome. but please don't cite these (and i can't imagine why you'd be doing so) without permission from me first (it's not that i would object, but i'd like the opportunity to address any problems i've discovered and haven't changed....)

Rhetorical Analysis and Theory

[abstracts and full-text on some of these will be up soon.]

Entertaining Fear , a collection of essays I am co-editing with MJ Braun and Cathering Chaput, including my contribution, "Upwardly Mobile by Degrees: Higher Education and the Rhetorics of Fear"

"The Rhetoric of Crime Solving Entertainment," an article I am developing, originally presented at the Popular Culture Association's national conference, Boston, 2007.

"Developing a Graduate Program in Rhetoric: Political, Economic, and Cultural Constraints," an article I am contributing (pending editorial acceptance) to a special issue of WPA.

"At Work in the Field," a co-authored (with Dr. Thomas P. Miller) for the collection, Culture Shock and the Practice of Profession: Training the Next Wave in Rhetoric and Composition.

"Hegemony and the Discourse of the Land Grant Movement: Historicizing as Point of Departure," article appears in JAC (Journal of Advanced Composition) Vol 23, issue 2.


"Civano: Model for the Future of Business as Usual": paper written for Marv Waterstone, Fall 1999. Critiques the Tucson based "sustainable development" housing community of Civano

Technology and Pedagogy

"The MOO Made Us Do It: Utilizing a Critical Theory of Technology to Enact Critical Pedagogy" A Collaborative Analysis of MOO Technology in A Composition Classroom by Danika Brown and Anne Bartlett presented at a DUET's conference.

"MOO Potential: Perspectives and Assessment Guiding Design": Presented at Computers and Writing 2000.

Synchronous Communication Learning Environments as Intervention in the Distance Learning Model:The Case of an Online Business Writing Course Development: Computers and Writing 2001.


Service Learning

Pulling it Together: A Method for developing Service-Learning and Community Partnerships Based in Critical Pedagogy. Monograph written as a National Service Fellow for the Corporation for National and Community Service.[available online at the Resource Center for CNCS, or by request directly to me.

"Learning to Serve?: The Necessity of Marxist Critique in Service Learning Curricula." Paper presented for Rethinking Marxism 2000, September, 2000.

"Service Learning as Reinvention of the Instructor"
(WPA summer conference presentation, Saturday, July 18, 1998).

Review of Body Talk for Kairos online journal.