Body Talk: Rhetoric, Technology, Reproduction

Edited by: Mary M. Lay, Laura J. Gurak, Clare Gravon, and Cynthia Myntti

Table of Contents

Sally Gregory Kohlstedt and Helen E. Longino


Introduction: The Rhetoric of Reproductive Technologies
Mary M. Lay, Laura J. Gurak, Clare Gravon, and Cynthia Myntti

Part One: Historical Bases of Reproductive Discourse

Chapter 1: Figuring the Reproductive Woman: The Construction of Professional Identify in Eighteenth-Century British Midwifery Texts
Jeanette Hearl-Fanning

Chapter 2: Minding the Uterus: C. T. Javert and Psychosomatic Abortion
Kathleen Marie Dixon

Chapter 3: Gym Periods and Monthly Periods: Concepts of Menstruation in American Physical Education, 1900-1940
Martha H. Verbrugge

Chapter 4: God Willed It! Gynecology at the Checkout Stand: Reproductive Technology in the Women's Service Magazine, 1977-1996
Chloé Diepenbrock

Part Two: Reproduction, Language, and Medical Models

Chapter 5: Women's Reproductive Choices and the Genetic Model of Medicince
Celeste M. Condit

Chapter 6: Bodies, Minds, and Failures: Images of Women in Infertility Clinics
Laura Shanner

Chapter 7: The Politics of Language in Surgical Contraception
Lyn Turney

Chapter 8: Baby Talk: The Rhetorical Production of Maternal and Fetal Selves
Eugenia Georges and Lisa M. Mitchell

Part Three

Chapter 9: Medical Insurance as Bio-Power: Law and the Normalization of (In)fertility
Elizabeth C. Britt

Chpater 10: The Legal Status of Direct-Entry Midwives in the United States: Balancing Tradition with Modern Medicine
Mary M. Lay

Chapter 11: Hot Tomalley: Women's Bodies and Environmental Politics in the State of Maine
Beverly Sauer

Chpater 12: The Construction of Public Health in the FDA Hearings on Silicone Breat Implants
Mary Thompson

Afterword: Technologies ofthe Exterior, Technologies of the Interior—Can We Expand the Discourse of Reproductive Studies?
Robbie Davis-Floyd