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English 4325

English 4325: Assignments



Reading Journals

For at least 10 of the readings you are assigned, you will write a 1-2 page reading journal. I expect you to identify the major ideas of the reading, key terms, and to reflect on what you gained from the reading or how you plan to apply the ideas in your own practices. The journals are worth 10 points each and will only receive full credit if it is clear from the journal that you have read and engaged the text. 
                                                                        (100 points)

Online Community Membership Activities and Discussion Board Posts
You will be utilizing an online classroom throughout the semester. Your first assignment will be to join the online community at Tapped In (TI) <www.tappedin.org>, and explore the classroom (5 points). You will also be required to take a virtual fieldtrip of the online environment (10 points). The classroom includes a “discussion board.” Over the semester, I will assign you three discussion board assignments to post (10 points each for 30 points). For these posts, you will be researching online teaching resources to share with your classmates.
                                                                        (50 points)

Annotated Bibliography and Synthesis Essay

About midway through the semester, I will ask you to determine a topic that you will research in depth, finding resources (such as articles, books, and internet sources) on the subject. You will review the resources sufficiently to write a synthesis essay of those sources on the topic and include an annotated bibliography with that write up. You may work in groups on this assignment, but the number of sources should reflect group participation. MLA format for citations is required.
                                                                                    (100 points)

Professional Development Activity: Flexible Due Date (no later than December 4)
Teaching isn’t something one learns and then does. Teaching is a professional activity and the profession is always changing. As with any profession, development opportunities and continuous learning are an expectation and a lifelong commitment. As technologies have become more and more a part of all education, one important aspect of remaining up-to-date is to utilize technologies in your classrooms and for professional development. We will be utilizing an online environment created specifically for educators for some of our class meetings and as a resource site. Tapped In (TI) also offers professional development workshops and activities for educators. You will be required to participate in at least one of these activities during the semester. You will turn in the transcripts from your workshop with a developed reflection about the experience. (*Please note, I will offer extra credit for your attendance and reflection on additional online activities at TI).
                                                                                    (50 points)

Community-Based Activity and Final Project
There will be a community-based service component to this course. You will be tutoring and/or designing tutoring materials for a group of people working to complete their GED’s. Over the course of the semester, you will be writing journals on this activity. Your final project will be a portfolio developed from your journals, any materials you have created, anything that you and the students work on or create, and a formal synthesis/reflection essay on the experience. 
                                                                                    (100 points)

Total Course Points: 400



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