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English 4325

English 4325: Assignments


You will be writing in response to prompts for a journal close to every day in class. Some journal activities will be given as homework. Additionally, you will locate an article, blogpost, informational pamphlet, etc. every day to include with your journal and share with the class. These documents should be related to education or other issues we are discussing in class. The purpose of having you collect these articles is to encourage you to actively read as a professional educator.
50 points

Online Presentation of Teaching Resource
Every week, we will meet at least once in our online classroom at TappedIn. Each online meeting, several of you will be scheduled to present an online teaching resource to the class. These presentations should be about 10-15 minutes in which you explain how to access the resource, evaluate the resource’s usefulness and applications, and engage the class in some activity that demonstrates the resource’s usefulness. More information about these presentations can be found on the Tapped In guidelines here.
50 points

4 Reading Responses (Due Friday of every week)
All students are expected to read all assigned readings for our class discussions. You will be responsible for a “reading response” for at least 4 of those readings. You may choose one reading from any readings assigned for the week. These responses should be about 2 pages long, include a general summary of the reading, a description of your understanding of the significance of the article, and how the reading has impacted you/how you will apply the information. I will be grading these responses based on the level of thought and engagement you have applied to the reading itself. These are not simply “journals,” but are formal assignments designed to give you practice responding to ideas in writing, utilizing academic discourse. MLA format for citations is required.
25 points/each, 4 total—100 points

Professional Development Activity: Flexible Due Date (no later than August 10th)
Teaching isn’t something one learns and then does. Teaching is a professional activity and the profession is always changing. As with any profession, development opportunities and continuous learning are an expectation and a lifelong commitment. As technologies have become more and more a part of all education, one important aspect of remaining up-to-date is to utilize technologies in your classrooms and for professional development. We will be utilizing an online environment created specifically for educators for some of our class meetings and as a resource site. TappedIn also offers professional development workshops and activities for educators. You will be required to participate in at least one of these activities during the semester. You will turn in the transcripts from your workshop with a reflection about the experience. Additional information and directions are available on the Tapped In information page here.
50 points

Final Exam
In order for you to reflect on the course experience and to synthesize what you learned throughout the semester, we will create a final exam. The class will determine what materials should be covered and the best format for the responses. However, one question will be an in-class essay to be written on the day of the final.
50 points

Total Points: 300


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