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English 4325

Fall 2007 (section 04)


I will try to keep the course calendar updated pretty much on a weekly basis. This will probably be the place you want to bookmark and visit daily for announcements, links to readings, assignment/activity reminders.

August 30

Read the introduction and guidelines for using Tapped In on the course pages. Be sure to read the "Help" information on Tapped In's site.
Read Tapped In's code of professional conduct.

Read the extended guidelines for Tapped In's use in this course.
Become a member of Tapped In and log in.
Go to my office (danikab's office).

Follow the directions on the 4325 guidelines to join the class group, enter the CompTechBrown room and sign in.

September 20:

Meet ONLINE in tapped in (starting at 5pm -- mac lab is available and I'll be there).

Discussion of the readings:

Writing Study Group of the NCTE Executive Committee. “NCTE Beliefs About the Teaching of Writing.” National Council of the Teachers of English. November 2004. 10 April, 2007 <http://www.ncte.org/about/over/positions/category/write/118876.htm>.

Comber, Barbara. “Pedagogy as Work: Educating the Next Generation of Literacy Teachers.” Pedagogies: An International Journal 1.1: 59-67. (available in the tapped in classroom, comptechbrown).

We will also discuss the first part of your community based project assignment.

September 27:

Please read:

Pope, Carol A. and Jeffrey Golub. “Preparing Tomorrow’s English Language Arts Teachers Today: Principles and Practices for Infusing Technology.” Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 1.1 (2000) Online Access 10 Apr 2007 <http://www.citejournal.org/vol1/iss1/currentissues/english/article1.htm>.

Response due.

Oct. 11

class cancelled. Please read for next time!

Oct 18

Dartmouth Writing Program: Materials for Tutors 10 Apr. 2007 <http://www.dartmouth.edu/~writing/materials/tutor/toc.shtml>.

Organizational Profile is due (see tappedin whiteboard for more details).

Oct. 25

Muriel Harris; Tony Silva. “Tutoring ESL Students: Issues and Options.” College Composition and Communication, 44.4. (Dec., 1993), pp. 525-537.



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